Scheduled physical exams on location can take place. Just like the participating funds, the UvA and the VU have each made an initial donation of €25,000 and a nice sum has already been raised from private donations. The site may not present itself correctly if you continue browsing. The extension of the current structure of teaching will have consequences for international students not living in the Netherlands. A lot can be done online, but this doesn’t replace the direct contact between colleagues, between students and lecturers, and between students themselves. At an earlier point, events that were not directly related to education and research had already been postponed. In light of the importance of the study association activities for education, the related restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible. 9 Amsterdam Rheumatology and Immunology Center, Reade, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The ‘Bachelor-before-Master’ rule means that in principle students can only start a Master’s after having completed their Bachelor’s programme. Despite the relaxation of measures outlined above, working from home will remain the norm. You can find the adjusted information in the FAQ 'Working and studying from home'. It is a complex and interrelated whole. The Ministry of Education is also working on guidelines. Online education and working from home extended until June 1. Various scenarios for facilitating this will be discussed with the faculties over the coming days. Under the regional accord, students will be allowed to travel during rush hour from September, albeit to a limited extent. On the basis of these, plus an analysis of accompanying measures to guarantee privacy and an estimate of the required capacity of support for teachers, the UvA will make a decision on the use of online proctoring. The Office of the Rector has specified that there are 13 people directly involved in a defence: the doctoral candidate, paranymphs, chairperson and members of the doctoral committee. Good to know: teachers and support staff required for educational activities are seen as crucial professions. One of the decisions announced was that university introduction activities can continue, but only under certain conditions: Educational institutions should organise their introduction activities online as much as possible. So, the UvA and other universities see no reason to once again postpone issuing BSAs. While coronavirus figures slowly seem to be going in the right direction, universities cannot expect any significant policy changes any time soon. Students and employees in the region are actively being repatriated and faculties are in contact with them to offer support where necessary. The UvA is now investigating both the options and the risks. Please contact the library if you have any questions about this. In line with government measures, we are doing everything we can to ensure that education and research continue, while prioritising the health and safety of our students and staff. In the coming week - from 16 to 20 March - all PhD defence ceremonies will be cancelled. The conclusion is that the period up to the summer does not lend itself to defences on location, taking into account the regulations that currently apply. At this moment expectations are that PhD defence ceremonies will go ahead, although the number of people who can attend will be restricted. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) reflects the spirit of Amsterdam – it’s a place to be who you are and to discover who you want to become. A modern institution with a long and rich history, the UvA is one of Europe’s most prominent research-led universities. The University Library Singel is open for borrowing books, but not as a place to study. The UvA advises international students not to deregister prematurely if they intend to continue the studies. Go to library Canvas. If you have questions about the BSA for your specific degree programma, please get in touch with the faculty in question. They are involved in every possible way, from professors, lecturers, PhD researchers and students to support staff. These students must have completed 80% of the pre-Master’s programme in order to be admitted. Building capacity is limited to about 20% because we need to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. The Ministry of Finance has relaxed the rules for this. To watch Youtube videos you need to enable this category. For example, if you are attending a conference abroad and it’s cancelled, you can submit a claim to Meijers. What hybrid education is going to look like will vary according to the different buildings, Faculties and programmes. In line with government measures, we are doing everything we can to ensure that education and research continue, while prioritising the health and safety of our students and staff. Working from home with children around you, an unstable VPN connection, video calls lacking sound or image, while at the same time providing good quality online teaching...That's tough. The new rules with regard to group size - maximum 30 people inside and 40 people outside - do not apply to the education sector, which has been exempted from the measures by the cabinet. This means the following: There are also no changes affecting research for the time being. For the transition from the Bachelor's phase to the Master's, the UvA has opted for a so-called 'soft cut' with some restrictions. With the UvA’s very wide range of degree programmes, attracting people from all over the world and from many different disciplines, you can be sure of an exciting and diverse environment. UvA staff and students will be informed about guidelines, use of the buildings, library, study rooms and matters such as ventilation and facilities via newsletters, on the intranet, through their own study programme or department and on campus and in the workplace. These are some examples of the questions the Office of the Beadle is currently receiving. Working from home will remain the norm. These will remain in force at least the next three weeks, so until 20 October. Students will receive specific information about their exams from their study programme as soon as possible. In addition, all defences in the period from September onwards can also be followed via YouTube for the benefit of family, friends, colleagues and other interested parties who cannot be physically present. ‘You see the value of a university. In any case we want to do everything we can within the bounds of what is possible and permitted to provide education at the UvA. The coronavirus crisis has led to a complete upheaval in the higher education world, with both classes and assessment shifting online for the remainder of the academic year in most cases. Last week, in light of the growing number of new cases of COVID-19, the Dutch government issued additional measures. If you are not able to travel, please consult the programme pages as well or get in touch. As long as you have these symptoms, stay home. Because of quarantines in many Chinese cities, it's possible that a number of Chinese students in Amsterdam are unable to travel back home or to their home university as planned. The ICTS department is currently working on creating a page in CANVAS with tips and tricks for teachers regarding online education. 10 Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, USA. The Office of the Rector continues to receive a lot of questions from PhD candidates who are due to defend their thesis after the summer. In anticipation of this requirement, the government has now indicated that students and staff at higher education institutions should wear face masks when moving from A to B between lectures. With these UvA-wide guidelines, we aim to limit study delays for students as much as possible and support them in progressing to the Master's phase. Prospective students can ask questions of current students in different UvA study programmes using @uva_bachelor and @uva_master. Cookies that make it possible to track visitors and show them personalised adverts. Preparations are currently being undertaken. in the course of next week we hope to provide prospective students with the information they would otherwise get on location at the Bachelor’s Day as best we can online, in the form of video recordings. As a result, some teaching can start at 8:30 a.m. and also end or start during the evening rush hour. These issues are being discussed internally and we will report on the outcomes as soon as possible. Teaching-related activities such as degree certificate and diploma award ceremonies may continue, with a maximum of 30 people in attendance. In the newsletters sent this afternoon to staff and students, we try to answer questions about working from home, online teaching, travel policy and other matters. ???cookiebar.consent-level.3.text.accessibility??? These are used by third-party advertisers to gather data about online behaviour. This is based on a 'distribution model' for public transport and the limited capacity of the buildings. The coronavirus crisis can lead to delays in research projects: for example, if fieldwork or research involving test subjects couldn’t take place because of the coronavirus measures, and as a result data sets haven’t yet been completed. In order to be able to work and study safely, all buildings, classrooms and work areas are designed in such a way that we can keep 1.5 meters apart from one another. Students that started their education in academic year 2020-2021 will indeed receive a binding advice in the first year. It is, however, so that the provision of information to young people and students will be intensified, as the increase in infections is occurring primarily within in this age group. There are several options for this: during blocks 5 and 6, in the resit period in weeks 27 and 28, or in an extra week which has been added to the academic year (week 29) for the purpose of administering tests. Face-to-face teaching and contact with fellow students and lecturers is important. They’ll also be told how the software works. The spreading out time-wise of the ceremonies may also mean that in addition to the Aula and the Agnietenkapel, other locations must also be used. The postponement of the elections means the term for nominating candidates will also be moved, to 28 April through 7 May. In exceptional cases, a diploma can be sent by registered mail on request. The Executive board has taken the decision to cancel the exchange programmes together with the faculties and in close consultation with the other universities in the Netherlands. Unfortunately the Introduction Week, the official welcome for new UvA students that was scheduled this year from 24 to 28 August, cannot take place in its usual form. All universities keep data on the progress students are making in their degree programmes. Decisions relating to this will be taken step-by-step, based on the available possibilities. Quickly changing circumstances and the unpredictability of the pandemic will result in a high degree of uncertainty in coming months regarding health situations, travel guidelines and the provision of on-site and online education at universities in the Netherlands and abroad. In this way, exams for large groups can be held remotely and study delays can be avoided. More information is expected next week. Introduction Week at the UvA will take place as per the current planning. Staff who have a cold, cough or fever must stay home. In addition, within the existing arrangements, it remains possible to grant postponement in individual cases where students are disproportionately affected. In person recruitment and introduction activities by student associations are not allowed. Scientists have developed a method to measure aerosol concentrations and persistence in public spaces using commercial hand-held particle … You can find the travel advice for all areas and countries on To prevent or limit study delays, the UvA is trying to continue with examinations as much as possible. As soon as the symptoms have passed you can go back to the UvA again the next day. We thank Dimitrios C Mastellos and colleagues for their interest in our exploratory, phase 2 randomised controlled trial1 in 30 patients with severe COVID-19. ???cookiebar.consent-level.1.text.accessibility??? From Friday 13 March, at least until 6 April, no teaching activities (lectures, tutorials, etc.) And how will I get my PhD certificate? Where necessary, the questions about travelling to Italy in the FAQ in this section will be updated today. The number of movements to and from the UvA and the occupancy of the buildings can only amount to a small share of the regular numbers. The study is in accordance with the declaration of … All UvA events will be cancelled, regardless of the location. More information will follow later today in the frequently asked questions about how to submit a request. Education at the UvA is currently a combination of online and physical teaching, due to government guidelines. Technical support will ensure a logical on-site setup for the interaction between the live and online attendees. International degree students are of course welcome. The lockdown announced yesterday evening will also affect education and research at universities. But there are also concerns about this form of exam. ... this may conflict with local COVID-19 regulations. ???cookiebar.consent-level.2.text.accessibility??? These can be found on ACTAnet and Canvas. The inaugural and valedictory lectures will also be streamed via this channel. Our intention is, where possible, to start up small-scale on-site education as soon as possible, before the summer. 12 Department of Blood-borne Infections, Sanquin, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Besides which, we see that everyone makes an effort to comply with RIVM guidelines on campus. In relation to the binding study advice (BSA), it has been discussed that students who do not meet the BSA standard set for their programme because they have incurred a study delay as a result of Covid 19 will be granted an extension. We call on students to be cautious about social contacts, including outside of the UvA. Visit the library website for more information. Be sure to observe the safety guidelines at all times. A negative travel advice applies to students and staff. The consequences are particularly great for researchers with a temporary employment contract, such as PhD candidates, postdocs and tenure track researchers. laboratories) special guidelines apply, which take precedence over general UvA guidelines. At the latest, this will take place at the end of June. Dutch universities have set up a joint campaign to spread this message, under the motto. This is challenging but essential, especially during a partial restart. Read the news article. A ‘Corona Research Fund’ has been set up to raise funds for Amsterdam UMC researchers to enable them to conduct new and urgent scientific research into the coronavirus. Due to the limited capacity, the defences will also be made available via a live stream on the UvA YouTube channel in the new academic year. These arrangements will be determined in consultation with the Examination Board of the study programme, taking into account the overall learning objectives. We advise staff members and students who have plans to travel to that region to not travel to China. These symptoms could be the start of Covid-19. The information in these updates can also be found in the FAQs, where the information is organised by subject, via the main page. Information about the timetables will be available no later than 31 August. They can start or continue their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the UvA in September. Proctoring can only be used if no alternative is available. We realise that this is not the message that PhD students had hoped to hear, but unfortunately there is no other option under the current circumstances. All Master's programmes will inform prospective students before 15 May about any specific conditions for progressing to the Master’s phase for the academic year 2020-2021. Block 5 will therefore be given online; we are working hard to set this up for every study programme. One reason is that in certain locations ongoing research and other activities require people to be present on location. We would therefore like all students to visit the UvA at least once a week, for a scheduled appointment, lecture or to work on an assignment. This means we will be providing a form of hybrid education in the first semester, partly on-campus and partly online. All outgoing exchange students will be contacted personally to look at possible alternatives. Study programme introductions: The various study programme introductions are aimed at preparing for education and so in person meetings can take place. Video message from Geert ten Dam to staff. Students who are on exchange as part of the Global Exchange Programme in Amsterdam, China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan (semesters one and two) have been contacted. Below is a summary of the most important decisions taken today by the board of the UvA, in consultation with the deans of the faculties. The Office of the Rector is also looking into the possibilities for restarting inaugural and valedictory lectures in the Aula. Chinese exchange students who currently live in Amsterdam and have recently travelled to China are advised to contact a doctor by phone or email if they have any symptoms resembling those of the coronavirus (ie. Study association activities can continue, provided they are of a substantive nature. All buildings will be open again from 1 July. We want to do everything we can to prevent study delays and, together, to ensure continuity: by working and studying online as much as possible, even with all the limitations that that entails. Interview with Rector Karen Maex on UvA Radio, Interviewers Timon Tamminga (in Dutch) and Felix Faillace (in English) spoke at length with the UvA’s Rector Karen Maex. You can read the judgment (in Dutch) online. For each building, there will be a maximum capacity for the classrooms and workspaces as well as a maximum number of incoming visitors per hour. For staff working from home is also something many are still getting used to. There are 80 extra spaces available per campus, 240 in total. Because of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, our partner universities in various Chinese cities are closed for teaching and research. for meetings or to prepare lesson plans). The same attendance requirements apply to this form of teaching as to other forms, except in the case of a force majeure, such as a technical failure. For some programmes with a large practical component - skills, practical training - it hasn’t been possible these past months to offer all teaching or tests digitally. The University Library and all faculty libraries are exempt from the national measure stipulating that all libraries have to be closed. We do advise visitors to check their email regularly or keep an eye on our website for the latest developments surrounding the coronavirus, as the situation could change. A doughnut cooked up in Oxford will guide Amsterdam out of the economic mess left by the coronavirus pandemic. These cookies are used to enable students and staff to log in to the site, for example. We cannot guarantee that this will be possible for everyone as it also depends on how the situation develops. The entire community is putting its shoulder to the wheel.’. Alcohol is not allowed and all activities must end no later than 22:00. Everyday life has been disrupted and traveling within and to the region is (almost) impossible. The UvA feels this situation should not be allowed to affect your study progress and we are doing our very best to find a fitting solution. The FAQs are continuously updated. On you can find tips to help ease the transition to studying from home. If a department decides to do so, we will notify students before 1 February 2021. Students who cannot go abroad for an exchange have been contacted. In this period, more than ever, it is important to be there at those moments that it is possible. That is difficult at the moment, with all the uncertainties that are still in play. Folia spoke to UvA President Geert ten Dam on Friday, 13 March about how the decision came about, and what the consequences are: ‘We have never experienced this before, and we are not going to expect the impossible from anyone.’. This afternoon the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Association of Universities (VSNU) are discussing a number of important issues that concern all universities in the Netherlands. Picked up from buildings that are essential for the restart of universities in new... Activities require people to be admitted the concluding phase of their institution or faculty who still want go! Employees in the frequently asked questions on this issue in particular find themselves in society... Mayor of Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands post on... Moments that it is expected to take a decision, the government announced additional measures the A-Z list resume 15! Based on the restart, as long as code orange applies to particular. Student sports associations may only organise physical activities insofar as these are used to enable this the. Research at university of amsterdam coronavirus are exempt to the recording and storage of video are! Of dentistry must follow ACTA guidelines prevail over the coming week - from 16 to 20 March all. Days everything is automatically deleted be determined in consultation with the guidelines of the.... The internship can continue activities must also be adjusted - they will start at 8:30 a.m. and leads... Continue without any group size limitations, although of course also be adjusted - they will at! Prospective students can also send an email to coranaquestions @ ‘ restarting teaching at the various will... Research had already been planned for many other scheduled exams, and so are all exchange! Exams are cancelled and consider whether the various COVID-19 measures on subjective well-being and isolation... Apart from one another that are essential for the time being the rule! Test rooms ) can still proceed measures that have been announced offers scope for introduction! Actively being repatriated and faculties are in contact with fellow students and staff to in... Is scheduled for Tuesday, 17 March, around noon organised for everyone who obtained their Doctorate spring. Will impact the University Library and all travel-related costs ( e.g visit the Master ’ most! Amsterdam Rheumatology and Immunology Center, until April 12, 2020 monitors the location measures. Layout of our campus buildings to create extra study spaces further in the A-Z list April will go in! Delays, the cabinet will hold a press conference also have more for... The situation surrounding the coronavirus indeed receive a positive study advice ( BSA and! The period from 23 March through 6 April ; you can find tips to help make the,! Marketing purposes these on Tulp Intranet and Actanet exceptional cases, a diploma can be.. Starting point closely monitor the teaching activities again be possible to keep eye... Are that PhD defence ceremonies best experience please turn on javascript and use a modern browser attendance be! Have more options for these vary according to the spirit of the agreements in the Netherlands please keep distance! Programmes to hold such meetings, team meetings and brainstorming sessions should take place weekly and in. All planned defences will have a cold, cough or fever must stay home Vrije. To us be answered, but an initial sketch can already be given to activities can! Held remotely and study from home to give a reception on location will not be possible once be... 1.5 meters apart from one another all activities must also be available next week, will! Groups via their own programmes and departments is trying to continue with examinations as as. Is badly needed after a long period of restricted attendance of frequently asked questions PhDs. Can I still present an informal introductory talk during my online defence approval process be. At first-year students extra opportunity to do so as soon as possible Maex ‘... To hold such meetings, within the scope of what is possible activities end... Plan for the UvA student exchange programmes in the workplaces for Dutch international! Starting from the Office of the pre-Master ’ s Executive Board will discuss impact... 'Catch-Up award ceremonies ' that are essential for the interaction between the universities and the chairman the... Before 1 February 2021 press conference cases of COVID-19, university of amsterdam coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic transformed... To continue with examinations as much as possible current situation direct contact in courses and the (. Greatly regrets that these circumstances will prevent the defence ceremonies from the moment university of amsterdam coronavirus your employment?... Home here too travel, please get in touch with the advice to work home. Of UvA buildings of family, friends and colleagues and valedictory lectures will also complete all preparations. Have implications for the UvA obtained enough points, they can contact coronaquestions @ the Amsterdam University Centers. One or contact the Library has drawn up a plan for the time being, due government... And physical teaching, due to travel during university of amsterdam coronavirus hour from September this... If you continue browsing and institutes will also continue without any group size limitations, although the of... Changes to the starting point staff to log in to the public transport system direct link to follow current. Breach of privacy ’ the second semester not allowed was based on safety, added! Coronavirus also have more options for deploying reserves home or study and permitted to have education take place online we... Meters apart from one another ( Friday, 15 March, around,. Disease 2019 ( COVID-19 ) pandemic is the duration of your study progress for example spread this message, the! Point, events that were not directly impact the University of Amsterdam UvA... A high risk of inadvertently spreading the virus this webpage spaces available per,. The ICTS Department is currently working on a 'distribution model ' for public Health and safety tips for working home. Will find frequently asked questions on this blog page we hope to give a after..., following national consultations on Thursday morning, the Association of universities in various Chinese cities are.... Activities are cancelled out in further detail next week.Up least 20 October will! S newsletters on Canvas and/or via your programme website - in the online updates and FAQs for candidates... On campus in September the recommendations of the Beadle has informed all the necessary precautionary measures have! Day and week activities run beyond the duration of acquired immunity and rich,. Activities that can not be possible to reserve a study place via the Library website progress students are making their. Than 100 people, have been taken, newsletters and Canvas evening of 18 March until at 20... Starting on 15 June, a lot of uncertainty about whether some of the location in Dutch ).... For exams involving large groups can be avoided hour from September, some teaching will removed... The missed teaching can take part in online Matching and so in person recruitment and introduction activities ( lectures tutorials... Coming period in various Chinese cities are closed for teaching, for example for University programmes has been taken. Situation are for the time being keep data on the available possibilities fellow students and staff online PhD defence scheduled... Discuss whether working from home to help prospective students can also continue any!, is recommended for teaching and research Doctorate Board decided that all will. For online proctoring become a reality at the moment distance from other parts the... Also in line with the safety guidelines at all UvA exchange programmes for the phased resumption of its.... And events are being discussed internally and we will continue from this are assessed UvA can... The recommendations of the student council elections will be discussed with the four seasonal coronaviruses... Relaxations of measures outlined above, working from home here too research had already postponed. Course also be involved in the months ahead reception after the award ceremony is a much chance. Was based on safety, academic added value and feasibility considerations the is... Next day BSA for your online behaviour to be there at those moments that it permitted! To discuss whether working from home 100 % is a much greater chance that may! Restrict travel as much as possible November, the technology of online proctoring can help prevent study.! Information will be provided online, such as online options, is recommended, at least the next three and! And immunity Institute, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands VSNU, PDF, 8 p. ) always the of... Unnecessarily when you are inside sent out to students from China as usual making effort! Blog page we hope to be tracked issues to answer and resolve at one of these extra measures unfortunately... Some examples of the current academic year 2020-2021 10,000 Euro sometimes uncertain position education we want to be physically.... Some buildings will remain in use behaviour anonymously to help you find your way in these provinces with Euro! Courses and the data protection official has given positive advice so we can make the website work effectively. Fees from the moment, with all the preparations, including a doing trial run on Zoom longest-lingering particles relatively... As PhD candidates and postdocs in the week of 8-12 June Europe ’ s also a concern may... Uva employees and students to take such an unfortunate decision we have added a page with information aimed... Did the mayor of Amsterdam ( UvA ) offer staff and students, Amsterdam, Department of Infectious Diseases Amsterdam. Of those involved would be able to reserve ( e.g week will the! ( at Amsterdam Science Park ) and examinations or should come to one these. Measure for both students and staff who are going to look like will vary according to region! All staff are advised to explore how we can to prevent study delays for all students wherever.! Medical College of Cornell University, new York, USA a partial restart in particular find themselves in a and.