Resurrected Memories. In this second installment of "The Invasion", LIV addresses the State of Hip Hop. Although Splinter is able to send his enemy through a wall, Shredder strikes him down and throws him into a septic tank. Part 2. 4.1 Characters; 4.2 Vessels and vehicles; 4.3 Other; Publisher's Summary. The kind feedback I received for part 1 of this series has been much appreciated. Splinter surges forward...and the two old enemies fight. TARDIS Archive. Leo fights them off and, amazingly, he defeats all of them, but the Shredder then strikes him in the back of the head, causing Leo to become completely unconscious. Instead. TARDIS Archive. Danny, using the power of the ecto-skeleton tried to proceeded battling against Vlad, while Ember continued using her guitar to send fists to him, but his suit made it barely even leave a scratch on the darn old thing. As the chaos of the invasion grows, Donatello, April and Michelangelo must search for the others and make an attempt stop the invasion once and for all. Cast(in order of appearance): Calvin Jacobson, Hobbes Jacobson, Zoe Jacobson, Andy Adams, Sherman, Socrates, Elliot, Dr. Brainstorm, Jack, MTM, Hobbes' siblings, Iron Calvin, Rupert, Earl, Dave. 010 The Dalek Invasion of Earth Part 2/6. As she touches him, Splinter gives a gasping breath, and Karai jumps back into the water and disappears. When his enemies seem to be defeated, Leo pauses, but a Foot-Bot on the ground grabs his leg and Leo loses balance, causing him to roll down the embankment and into the ice water collected in the pit below him. When Leo makes a critical mistake, he is separated from the team and Donnie must step up as a leader. 3 years ago | 977 views. This is a script for Connor Lacey: The Invasion Part 2 Narrator: Previously on Connor Lacey's Super Adventures Kraangdroids: Kraang, Kraang, Kraang, Kraang, Kraang! This causes all of Manhattan to blackout, but the robotic body Kraang Prime uses falls. Advertisement. _____ Synopsis: In the final episode of "The Sushi Pack Arc", Tako, Ikura and Wasabi try to find a way to escape from their prison cell. Leo cannot be moved, but Casey will protect him while he searches for his father and little sister. "The Invasion, Part 2" is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series, the fifty-second episode overall in the series, and is also part 2 of 2 of the Season 2 finale. Leo is unconscious and still breathing, but Mikey points out that his shell is cracked. Raph and Casey are nearly captured by Kraang Prime, but the Earth protection force comes forward and they begin to attack in retaliation, giving Raph and Casey a chance to escape. Contents. The Shredder then gives his Tiger Claw, Xever, and Rahzar the go-ahead to attack Leonardo, and they do so. April says that they can all go upstate to North Hampton to her family farmhouse, which is empty and isolated. 083 The Android Invasion Part 1/4. 24:22. Ali's just your average shut in, she likes to stay home, eat junk food, watch horror movies, and avoid interacting with the rest of the populous. The victory is short-lived as Kraang Prime climbs out and attacks the mech, which is now useless. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When April is reminiscing over her life with the turtles, she is strangely shown to be wielding more than one tessen. Leonardo: In 6 hours something called the Technodrome is coming through that portal. ". $26.00. "The Invasion, Part 1" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode Season Code: 225 Episode: 51 Original airdate September 26, 2014 Written by Brandon Auman Producers: Vladimir Radev Directed by Michael Chang Voice Direction Andrea Romano Supervising Director Ciro Nieli Episode chronology ← Previous Next → "Into Dimension X!" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Editor(s) Firelord Hangh. This is likely a nod to the Daleks of the long-running science fiction series.