To make matters worse, often, birds will pick through a large bowl of commercial seed mix and selectively eat 1 or 2 favorite types of … Click on a term to search for related topics. Most immature birds readily pair up with another of a similar age. Although the Amazon parrots can be a bit of a challenge to breed, the rewards of working with Amazons are great. Incubation of the eggs may take anywhere from 25-30 days and can be two to four at one time. Young birds are more inclined to breed, and anyone new to parrot breeding should start with healthy specimens in their first year. Amazons are typically extroverted birds that do not fixate on one person in the household. those species that have dozens of captive bred generations in their genes. Display Modes: Linear Mode. what age do amazon parrots stop breeding, yellow nape breeding, yellow naped amazon breeding, yellow naped amazon breeding age, yellow naped amazon forum. Normally parrots are noisy but in the mating season the screaming and general vocalization increases. For large birds such as Amazons, African greys, cockatoos and macaws, midlife is normally around 35 years of age or after as they have a life expectancy of well over 50 years. They forage mainly for fruits, but their diet also includes seeds, flowers, nectar, and, rarely, insects. As an example, the Green-cheeked Conure Pyrrhura molinae can start breeding as early as 7 months of age, though most do not breed until they are 12 months of age. [boxright]For Bird Mating Season, you should have this best selling Breeding Box inside the cage so it feels comfortable. These social parrots are usually found in pairs or flocks, which may at time number several hundred individuals in the non-breeding season. I'm asking as 1 of my conure hens is of unknown age and wanted to know if she could still breed. So if we say a parrot will live on average 15 years in the wild and 25 years in captivity. Email this Page. I like to allow them to mature to about 18 months before letting them to breed. Breeding Time Breeding season for the bird is usually kicked off in April or May and may last till June depending on the couple. The sex on all others Amazon parrots than the two listed above must be determined by either a surgical probe, endoscopy, which can be done by many veterinarians or by a DNA testing, usually a blood sample or a few plucked feathers sent to be diagnosed in a lab. Factors that contribute to the success or failure in breeding Amazons include age, health and compatibility of breeding stock, caging, type of nest box provided, diet, climate, and aviary management. Many breeders temporarily separate paired birds … Temporary separation might solve this problem, resulting in the production of a nest full of young. If these mixes are fed as the only source of food, Amazon parrots could become ill and ultimately die prematurely. Birds do not go through "menopause," but they may start to exhibit many of the same signs associated with this type of hormonal change. Breeding. She is the dominant bird in the flight. Amazon parrots can be noisy. a. ... One problem in breeding Amazon Parrots is that often male and female do not come into breeding condition at the same time, resulting in clear eggs. The Blue-Fronted Amazon is able to breed when reaching the age of three but four is recommended. Would you expect them to stop breeding around the 15-year mark or later? Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Breeding Age depends on the species, but generally at 3-5 years of age. (A reputable breeder is an absolute must here, to ensure young, healthy birds of the correct sex!) Amazons are generally good family pets with a reasonable temperament, however behavior that may be perceived as aggression can be exhibited, particularly during the breeding season. The onset of maturity is quickest in domesticated species, i.e. [/boxright] Screaming is another sign of parrots mating behavior in the mating season.